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LEVEL 1 - STARTING FALL 2024 in Vancouver

Soul Speech


Mobilize yourself to transform conflict and align your speech, life and relationships with your soul's path. 


OCTOBER 2024 - April 2025

​The Level 1 Soul Speech Immersion will be a foundational piece of your life during the 6 months of the program and beyond. You will be steeped in immersive practices that support you to transform how you experience the relationships that matter most to you and the ones that you find the most challenging. This experience will forever imprint on how you view, experience and interact with the world.


You will emerge with concrete skills for: navigating difficult situations; supporting others with their self connection and communication; and creating deeper meaningful relationships.

The skills and way of being that is nurtured in this program will bridge your learning from other consciousness and communication
modalities and help you firmly bring it into your life, your relationship, your work and your home.


This Level 1 Soul Speech Program is being held at River Lodge - five minute walk through the woods to the Puntledge River - in Courtenay, BC, Canada. Participant numbers will be limited to 16 to keep the group cohesive.



In-Person Retreats

Three 4-day retreats with rich practical learning opportunities.

Live Weekly Sessions

Weekly 2 hour session alternativing between Training Sessions and Practical application

Personal Application

Guides and journal prompts for processing the day-to-day dynamics that come up.


(4 Days Each - Recognized for CNVC Trainer Candidates)

November (TBD) : Finding Inner Freedom in the face of conflict, judgement and demands.

February (TBD) : Transforming Relationships with Others 

April (TBD)Bringing Soul Speech to Family, Work and Community Integration


Deep learning and connection on a weekly basis throughout the 6 months.

Live Training Sessions: 2 hours every two weeks to explore specific aspects of the self and NVC, while providing opportunities for regular practice, processing of life experiences and connecting as a community. 


Integrative Practice: You will be engaged in long-term pairs and triads to practice your empathy skills and to work through day-to-day examples. 



Deepen self-knowledge

Integrate the practice of self-empathy

Access courage to speak and take action from your truth

Embrace radical self responsibility


Be a source of empathy for those in your life

Be a source of empathy in your places of involvement (work/volunteer/etc..)

Offer empathy to individuals in need

Bring NVC into the world as a tool for social change


Find life-long community within the Soul Speech experience

Practice communication, conflict transformation and self expression within the Soul Speech community 

Create practices and rituals with others in your community to support integrated learning


Align life choices around your deep sense of self and purpose

Embrace the stage of life you’re in, and prepare for the next

Mobilize being an agent of change in your life and in bringing a shift away from the right/wrong paradigm into the world. 


Seek and nurture the kinds of relationships you want

Transform the relationships you have

Let go of relationships that don't serve life

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This program is a high calibre learning experience. It is priced in tiers to accommodate varying financial means.


Please choose the tier that best reflects your financial situation, knowing that accessing this quality of training can be a worthwhile stretch. 

Standard Rate: $3200 - Covers the costs of food, venue, materials and contributes to the a sustainable income for the facilitator.

Accessible Rate: $2400 - For individuals who need this rate reduction due to limited resources.


Supported Rate: $800 - (2 Spots Available) For those with no or very reduced income or unexpected life circumstances. We welcome you to request this option and also encourage you reflect on others who may be applying.

Early Bird:


Select your Fee and subtract $100 before September 5th.

Application Deadline:  

October 15th


Tuition fee does not include accommodations.

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WHEEL brings my everyday life and relationships into alignment with my spiritual longings and being. 

This program brought my everyday life and relationships into alignment with my spiritual longings and being. 

Deep gratitude for this opportunity to practice and learn, for the space it opened within me. So much has changed in me. 

This work is a gift.

Suzanne Sarioglu, Community Activist


This current offering starting November 2023 in Courtenay is the Level 1 Soul Speech Program. For those that complete Level 1, there is an opportunity to continue with Level 2. 

Angela is an Assessor with the Center for NonViolent Communication. Both Level 1 and Level 2 of this program can be used to support individuals pursuing CNVC Certification as NVC Trainers. There will be an equivalent of 14 days of training that can go towards certification as part of the Level 1 program.


This level is the foundational deep dive into the integration of NVC principals and practices at an interpersonal level. 

It will rewire your default ways of seeing, processing and responding to the world around you.

It will give you a strong set of practices and skills to use in your relationships and in your work with other people. 

You will gain skills to support others in conflict, however Level 1 does not dive into facilitation or mediation training. 


Level 2 builds on the interpersonal and steps into the use of these practices in a leadership context.

This includes supporting your own communication where there is complexity and tension and stepping into leadership to support groups you are a part of, leading or facilitating. 

It also includes building the skills and awareness to lead practice groups and share your knowledge of conscious communication and transforming conflict with others. 




Soul Speech is not a entry level program, it is a deep pool for individuals who identify with one or some of the following:

Studied NVC through previous workshops, reading the book and applying its teachings, learning through pre-recorded teachings.​

Personal practices such as yoga, meditation, Qigong, breathwork, dance, mindfulness practices, etc..

Experience with modalities and practices such as Focusing, Compassionate Inquiry, Inner Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, interpersonal neurobiology, etc...

Professional or volunteer role with Grief Work, Counselling, Mediation, Faciliation or Coaching

Registered as a CNVC Trainer Candidate.

We prioritize inclusivity of the diversity of cultural, racial and gender relevant orientations and backgrounds. 

Our application process is intended to insure that all participants have the level of previous experience need to support their learning and their ability to engage with the group. The group is limited to 16 individuals

For those of you on the CNVC Trainer Certification path please get in touch how we can best support you. 

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Each retreat will include four days together in community. These retreats are experiential and the group will be continually engaging in applying and practicing with new learning that is shared. 


Angela teaches from a place of deep grounded vulnerability. She draws from her decades of facilitation experience, but also as a pioneer navigating life's twists and turns in love, loss, health crisis and passing through the identify thresholds of life. Angela shares specific downloadable insights and practices, but there is no power point presentation.

Each retreat flows as more of a menu rather than an agenda. The needs of the group will inform the material and the flow. This is not a learning that is taken in through mind only. The flow of the days will be interspersed with somatic practices such as QiGong based movement, breath, meditation and dance.


Our lunches and breaks are opportunities to explore the woods and the river in community together or in solitude. Lunches are Vegan, Gluten Free and amazingly delicious! Sharing great food is a cornerstone of building community together.


Angela shares from her own deep practice of connecting with the beauty of needs that arise in herself and between herself and others. She walks her talk and shows up fully in her leadership, family and relationships.

Angela is a Trainer with the international Center for NonViolent Communication and has a role as an Assessor for certifying new Trainers. 

She has two decades of experience as a facilitator, including ten years mediating decision-making related to land and social justice with First Nations, government, industry and environmental organizations. She meets groups in the space that divides them - to help them hear the depth of what matters to them, to express themselves with care and to find a path forward together. 

In the more recent decade, she has been offering transformational programs such as Soul Speech for those that are looking to cultivate a personal and global consciousness of openness, inclusion and connection. Angela lives, works, plays and prays on the unceded lands of the Sahtloot, Sasitla, Leeksun and Puntledge people in western Canada. 

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For any questions or to schedule a time to explore the fit of this program for you, please email:

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