A Two Part program to align your speech, life and relationships with your souls path. 

WHEEL brings my everyday life and relationships into alignment with my spiritual longings and being. 

This program brought my everyday life and relationships into alignment with my spiritual longings and being. 

Suzanne Sarioglu, Community Activist

  • Take a deep dive into self-inquiry

  • Learn tools to free you from blame and judgment (of self and others)

  • Build your capacity to process strong emotions and feel deeply

  • Learn how to express yourself openly, honestly AND with care

  • Tap into a higher level of conscious living throughout all the moments in your day

  • Co-create community with people who share your passion for creating the world you want, beginning with yourself. 

Soul Speech
NVC Immersion

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What is the Soul Speech Program?

Soul Speech Program Part 1

Soul Speech is a 4-month immersion in the practices of Nonviolent Communication, with a deep dive into self inquiry, embodiment and being the change you want to be in the world. 

The depth of this work is a radical paradigm shift with significant realignments in how you see and interact with the world. 

It is an opportunity to step into self responsibility for your experience in life and to be of service to others with the gift of empathy, presence and self empowerment.


It includes an embodied exploration of what triggers you in life. You will increase your awareness of how you habitually react to triggers and expand your ability to respond consciously to them.


Retreats include somatic processes and the use of movement to connecting with feelings and shift emotional states.

Soul Speech Program Part 2

Soul Speech Part 2 is an opportunity to learn how to take the NVC consciousness and tool kit into a work environments and places where you have a leadership or coaching role. NVC is being used around the world to mediate and facilitate and is used in many different context from the classroom, to the reconciliation of post war environments, to community planning process, in the prisons and beyond. 

Some of the skills you will learn include conflict management, decision-making, facilitation, reconciliation and tools for guiding people through the NVC process in a one-on-one setting.

The skills learned in Part 2 will provide skills to help friends, colleagues and loved ones go through difficult times and can transform your relationship with people on the job. They are also pivotal skills for stepping into greater levels of collaborative leadership in all aspects of life. 

Residential Immersions


Retreat #1 (Sept 9-11)Self: authenticity, hidden parts, self-judgement, feelings, needs, taking stock, making choices, life decisions.

Retreat #2 (Nov 11-13):  Relationships with Others, shedding blame and judgement.

Retreat #3 (January 13-15): Depth work and creating a community learning lab of our own inter-personal dynamics. 

Life Integration

Soul Speech participants connect on a weekly basis throughout the 4 months.


Zoom Conference Calls: 2 hours every two weeks explore specific aspects of the self and NVC, while providing opportunities for regular practice, processing of life experiences and connecting as a community. 


Regular Practice: You will work in long-term pairs and triads to practice your empathy skills and to work through day-to-day unfolding examples. Participants are encouraged to schedule these empathy calls for the 'off week' between the video calls. 

Soul Speech Themes



Deepening self-knowledge

Integrating the practice of self-empathy

Accessing courage to speak and act our truth

Exploring our beliefs around purpose



Being a source of empathy for those in your life

Being a source of empathy in your places of involvement (work/volunteer/etc..)

Offering empathy to individuals in need

Bringing NVC into the world as a tool for social change



Creating a community within the WHEEL experience

Using your interactions within the WHEEL community to form the basis for my learning

Creating practices and rituals with others in your community to support connection and learning



How to align life choices around your deep sense of self and purpose

How to best live the stage of life you’re in, and prepare for the next

How to be an agent of change in your life and in bringing a shift away from the right/wrong paradigm into the world. 



How to seek and nurture the kinds of relationships you want

How to transform within the relationships you have

How to let go of relationships that don't serve life


Tuition Fee:

  • Early-Bird Tuition by August 26th: $ 1,265 CDN

  • Regular Tuition: $1,465 CDN

Please get in touch regarding financial support or volunteer/ trade opportunities. 



Tuition fee does not include food or accommodations.

If you would like to participate in Soul Speech, please send us an
expression of interest below, and we will get in touch.