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Conscious Uncoupling

Next Program: February 2024

Uncoupling and Moving Forward

You do not have to continue the ongoing pain and damage created by the end of important relationships.

Uncoupling is an opportunity to rediscover yourself and open up to a life path that you've been yearning for, while extending care for yourself, your former partner, friend of family member.

Do you have a relationship that has ended, is ending or you would like to end? Would you like support in moving through the grief and meaning making? Is there lingering pain or tension with a past relationship? 

Conscious Uncoupling can support you through a recent break up, an imprint from the past that you can't seem to shake or a relationship that you are ready to part with.

There is healing, growth and connection that is possible. And, if it is what you want, the potential for a new and different relationship to emerge.


A Compassionate Approach

Build your capacity to navigate the pain and heartache involved. Step into your personal power.


Disentangle from the limitations in the old relationship and reclaim who you are.

Make choices that are supportive of your children. Including ways to maintain family unity, while pursuing separate paths in life. 

Escape from the loop of blame, shame and damaging communication. Instead, learn tools to communicate clearly and with integrity.

Form a new type of relationship with your ex partner with clear boundaries and the potential to hold care for one another.

Shift out of patterns and behaviours that do not serve, and bring love, trust and happiness to your future relationships.

Keep energy and money that would otherwise be spent on dealing with conflict.


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Intake is open for:


May 8 - June 20, 2023

1-on-1 Support

Six weeks of the Conscious Uncoupling Process

anchored in weekly 

75-minute structured change sessions with Angela Walkley

Group Calls

Each week begins with an intimate and confidential online space with others on this shared path. Gain insights, reassurance and inspiration. 



Weekly guidance for investigations, readings and personal commitments.


Life Path Chart


The culmination of your soul searching. A distilled and tailored chart for your personal path forward. 

Program Fee

Full Program Package Rate:        $965.00

  • 6 weekly one-on-one calls

  • 6 weekly group calls

  • 6 week Self Inquiry Guide

  • Take-home Life Path Chart

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