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NVC residency

An opportunity for people in South or Central America who are engaged in the work of human rights, social change, environmental protection, and all things aligned with a path of consciousness. 

This program is for people that...

  • are actively using and sharing NonViolent Communication;

  • have an interest in community / cultural work;

  • are in the earlier stages of life: 20s or early 30s

  • love adventure.

  •  In addition, a love for nature, movement, life long learning, happy with solitude and happy with connection, and creativity is a good fit with us.

"This was a life changing laboratory of collaboration, and I am forever grateful."

--Jade Arantes

The Residency begins November 2nd, 2023, the day before the first day of the 6 month Soul Speech Immersion Program with a possible full 6 month stay.

What is this about?

You are invited to get in touch if you are an individual from South or Central America wanting to deepen in your study of NVC. We offer you a place to live and full scholarship to the Soul Speech Program and Trainer Candidate calls. 

We will engage you in ways that feel meaningful, fulfilling and full of choice for you. 

You will be responsible for covering your own costs to reach Courtenay BC on Vancouver Island. You will be responsible for incidental costs and contributing to food costs.

You will have your own room in a three bedroom house. The house is part of a the Creekside Commons Co-Housing Community and has a vibrant community life and opportunities for gardening and community activities. 

Where are we?

We are in Courtenay, which is a community of 25,000 on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. It is a one hour drive fromfrom Nanaimo a 2-hour ferry ride from Vancouver.  

Courtenay is on the ocean, with rivers and mountains surrounding.

What specifically is the residency?


Through your residency, we’ll share our work, lives, and space with you. In return, we invite you engage with us on projects of common interest or whatever brings you joy.

We hope that you return to your community with new approaches and new inspiration. We have received beautiful new insights and inspirations from our guests over the years and this is a very mutual dyanmic. 


Together we’ll begin your residency by working out what you hope to get out of your time with us. Together we’ll identify activities and opportunities that fit with your learning “edges” and where we see you could best contribute and learn.

Some of the possible parts of your residency could include:

  • Participating and assisting with NVC workshops

  • Coordination support with NVC workshops

  • Design and production of NVC material

  • Translation of NVC material

  • Activities at the co-housing community

We enjoy co-creating the experience with our 'residents'.

We love working with people on projects that match their skills,

passions and learning edges.

Would you like to explore this further? Send us a message here:

Thanks for submitting! We will get in touch soon!

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