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NVC residency

We offer residencies to people who are engaged in the work of being human, and creating a more human culture in their communities

This program is for people that...

  • are actively using and sharing NonViolent Communication;

  • have an interest in community / cultural work;

  • love adventure.

  •  In addition, a love for nature, movement, gardening, solitude, and creativity is a good fit with us.

"This was a life changing laboratory of collaboration, and I am forever grateful."


What is this about?

We offer residencies people who are engaged in the work of being human, and creating a more human culture in their communities. There is no financial exchange. We lean into identifying and addressing needs to help each other make our dream comes true.


We believe that being human isn’t a given; that in the dehumanizing environments we all live in, our humanity is something we must search for, work hard to maintain, and actively create with others.


Our personal paths of of being human include integrating and sharing Nonviolent Communication, conscious embodiment and creative expression.

Who are we?

We’re a family of 4. A long-term monogamous couple in our late 40s with a passion for contributing to our community. We built a house six years ago on Gabriola Island and are working away at small farming projects. We have two sons (12 and 14), a hypoallergenic dog, a rabbit, a flock of chickens and the start of several gardens.


Some of the ways we work towards more human communities is through self-responsible relationships, through arts event organizing, through creative and movement practices, and through the land and solitude.

Welcoming ‘young’ people to learn, live, and work with us brings us joy and new energy. It helps us to continue to open to others and practice our humanness.

Where are we?

We are in Gabiola Island, BC, Canada. It is a 25-minute ferry ride from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, which is 2 hours drive from Victoria, or a 2-hour ferry ride from Vancouver.  

Gabriola Island is known as the Isle of the Arts and is bursting at the seams with musicians, artists and theatre! It is Gabriola Island’s beaches, forests, trails and friendly community that draws these creative people here.

What specifically is the residency?


Through your residency, we’ll share our work, lives, and space with you. In return, we ask you work with us on projects of common interest. We hope that you return to your community with new approaches and new inspiration.


During your residency, you’ll stay in your own self-contained Tiny House in the woods,  with an outhouse and kitchenette. You’ll join us for two dinners a week (and likely more spontaneously), but in general you’ll be responsible for your own food.


Together we’ll begin your residency by working out what you hope to get out of your time with us. We’ll choose activities and opportunities that fit with your learning “edges” and where we see you could best contribute and learn.

Some of the possible parts of your residency could include:

  • Coordination support with NVC workshops

  • Participating and assisting with NVC workshops

  • Design and production of NVC material

  • Translation of NVC material

  • Hobby farm activities

  • Construction related to the property and farm


We enjoy co-creating the experience with our 'residents'.

We love working with people on projects that match their skills,

passions and learning edges.

Would you like to explore this further? Send us a message here:

Thanks for submitting! We will get in touch soon!

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