About Me

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I am a paradoxical mix of fierce and feisty with tender and compassionate. I am adventurous and nurturing. I care deeply about people and our planet. I draw on deep intuitive knowledge as well as rigorous education. 

I work with people who want to integrate conscious ways of interacting with themselves and others. 

  • Individuals seeking to align their ways of being in the world with their values and dreams of a consciously lived life.

  • Organizations building their capacity to make decisions, resolve misunderstandings, work through conflict and build their resilience and thriveability.

  • CNVC Trainer Candidates who have experienced the transformative effects of NVC and are wanting to share this with others.


Concrete Skills and Qualifications

I am a Trainer, Facilitator, Change-Maker and Soul Speech Manifester. I specializes in mobilizing the power and gifts within the people and organizations I work with.

I am a Certified Trainer and Assessor with the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). I have a Masters Degree in Leadership and Training and a postgraduate certificate in International Leadership Development.

I am certified as an Executive Coach (2005) and a Conscious Uncoupling Coach (2022).


I draw on 20 years of innovative and transformative organizational development and leadership development work in the Canada, the USA, South America, Mexico and India.


I have walked many miles with Yukon First Nations, Government, non-profit organizations, and community leaders striving to make decisions together for the future of their surrounding natural world and their communities.


The projects that I’ve worked on have been complex and defined by the significance of the consequences and the range of different perspectives.

These days I am focused on offering experiences in empathic connection, collaborative community building and conscious living, with an interweaving of leadership, collaborative communication, conflict resolution and facilitation.


Inner Bio

I am passionate about showing up in this world as an agent of positive change. I believe we face a crisis in our relationship to the earth and our relationship to each other. It is clear to me that what is needed for this is not the newest technology, strategic plan or government leader, but a shift in consciousness. A shift that takes place at the level of the general population.


I believe that people are capable of living lives of full emotional expression, authenticity, vitality, connection, meaning and purpose. During several decades of work on environmental management and social change initiatives, I saw the same patterns of disconnect and compromised decision-making repeat over and over again.


This shift in consciousness is an internal one. It involves self inquiry and connecting to the places of our greatest joys and our greatest pain.


Embodied awareness and practice is a key component and I weave this in to all of my offerings. What I lead flows from the distilled practices of yoga, dance and experience of somatic awareness while mediating high conflict situations.


Supporting individuals seeking certification with CNVC and through NVC training opportunities is the most powerful offering I feel like I can make towards building peace and well-being on our planet.


Fun Facts

Angela can be found slowly exploring hidden pockets in nature and catching hold of spontaneous adventures world wide.  

Yoga and Dance

The yogi in picture is me! I’m a Vijnana Yoga Teacher.


I became fascinated with yoga when a restorative class revealed week after week to me the level of grief that was present. I remember the first moment, on my back with my legs resting upright against a wall. The tears streamed down.


Yoga connects me with my essential self and lets me communicate with my inner callings and whispers.


Dance has paralleled with its transformative power of release and expression.


Dance, Yoga and the calming and self connecting effects of breathwork and meditation provide me with a platform from which I teach.


Emerging from this are offerings blending music, movement and NVC.




I’ve been charged by a grizzly and stalked by a black bear.


I’m an open spaces mountain gal. At the age of 17 I convinced a National Park to support me as a volunteer trail 'assessor'. Alone. I returned with a torn backpack, a destroyed tent and a life changing encounter with a Grizzly. I came away with a feeling of invincibility.


A few years later when I, again ended up with a ripped backpack and damaged camping gear I felt a shaken sense of my place in the world. My intense love of the natural environment and my place, as a guest, as a steward.

I continue to enjoy exploring hidden pockets in nature.

Youth Power

As a teenager, my childhood shyness dissipated (somewhat) and I found myself stepping in front of hundreds of youth for the sake of human rights and our natural environment. I never found my place as a protestor, but I could swing the role of organizer, ambassador and advocate. I won two National Awards for public service coming out of this role: The Governor General’s Award and a YTV Achievement Award.


This role emerged unexpectedly out of my passionate concern for the direction our society was taking and my love of the natural world. And it sowed the seeds for the work I do today. I jumped into developing and leading programs and learned quickly how to make safe space for voices to be heard.


NVC Personal Journey

NVC entered my life in 2004. At the time, I thought of NVC as a set of skills that would help me support clients as an organizational development consultant and facilitator. I remember the delight I had about the shifts I was able to make in mediating conflict and was surprised how this applied at home too!


I did not imagine then that NVC would transform my life and my closest relationships.

Nor that it would lead me to my role in teaching NVC and supporting new NVC Trainers.


When my boys were toddlers, I found myself questioning life.


At the time, I was thriving as a private business owner; facilitating complex inter-governmental decision-making in the Yukon. I was an active member of my community. I enjoyed wilderness adventures with family and friends. I had a cozy little house that I loved.


And yet, I experienced a longing for something deeper in my life.


NVC met me and elevated the way I: parent, show up for friends, approach social change and integrate my life and work. It was a radical experience of self discovery and aligning my way of showing up with my spiritual beliefs.


I was never one to subscribe to any single modality or way of doing things. I enjoy independent, innovative thinking. And yet, I have found a passion for NVC that led to my dedication to sharing it with others.

For those of you new to NVC, you might b...

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