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KILN program

Knowing ourselves
Inspiring social change
Leading the way
With NVC



A Program to provide support, community, feedback and assessment to individuals working towards

certification as NVC Trainers.


“Imagine that you, in your current journey of integrating and sharing NVC, are like a clay pot. The clay pot has form and shape, but is missing the final transformation needed to hold water and fulfill its purpose.


You are looking for your own process of fire; a process that brings together what you offer - your uniqueness, passion for change, knowledge and skills - with the support of structure, experience, collaboration, commitment and connections.


This is the vision for KILN: to fire and inspire you to be a powerful vessel in the world.”

KILN is for Individuals that are:

change-makers, active in social organizations, groups, or enterprises

contributing towards the kind of world they long for through nonviolence and compassion

wanting to share NVC with others and looking for the support to do so


contributing and offering Compassionate Communication workshops and are pursuing certification

finished with the on-paper requirements for certification, and are looking for support in pulling it all together and integrating the knowledge with your way of being and showing up in the world.


Concrete Outcomes

Regular Pod Debriefs

An opportunity for exploring your own unique strengths and expressions of teaching NVC

Creativity and fun! Along with the depth work that happens with NVC, we offer lightness and laughter along the way.

What is KILN?

KILN is an experiential program that offers structure, accompaniment and a deep dive into living, integrating and sharing NVC. At the moment, KILN is purely offered online with a small group of fellow learners. It is supported by experienced Certified Trainers, KILN members from previous years and Assessor Angela Walkley.


KILN brings forth the unique offering of each individual while providing rigour in ensuring the integrity of NVC is upheld.


KILN supports each individual’s integration and unique expression of NVC, to explore NVC-based approaches to creating social change, and to assist candidates to complete the CNVC requirements for Certification. 

KILN Requirements

Here are the factors we think about when we decide whether our program would

be a mutual fit for an individual candidate.

  focus on bringing NVC into the entire weave of life, not just professionally

  willingness to engage in difficult conversations

  desire to contribute to the group (self awareness/self responsibility)

  sense of fun, creativity and innovation

  strong foundation of NVC (prefer a minimum of 20 days of training)

  commitment to the retreats, projects and the weekly calls

  recommendation by a CNVC Certified Assessor or Trainer

  diversity - of age, gender, background, etc

A supportive community and structure for stepping into leadership 

International Community Calls

Feedback and
Guidance for Self Assessment 


“As one of KILN’s past participants, I want to share just how wonderful the experience was for me. Far more than the transference of mechanical skills and abilities, KILN enabled me to truly experience what it means to live NVC from the inside out. The trainers were so gentle and caring in how they invited us to engage with challenging key distinctions and concepts. I feel so grateful for this year of training and was able to meet so many needs as a trainer and trainee, alike. Today, I continue to have rich connections with the the trainers and participants from my cohort.” 









​© Angela Walkley

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