KILN program

Knowing ourselves
Inspiring social change
Leading the way
With NVC



A Program to provide community, feedback and support to individuals working towards certification as NVC Trainers.

Limited # of Participants: 12


“Imagine that you, in your current journey of integrating and sharing NVC, are like a clay pot. The clay pot has form and shape, but is missing the final transformation needed to hold water and fulfill its purpose.


You are looking for your own process of fire; a process that brings together what you offer - your uniqueness, passion for change, knowledge and skills - with the support of structure, experience, collaboration, commitment and connections.


This is the vision for KILN: to fire and inspire you to be a powerful vessel in the world.”

KILN is for Individuals that are:

change-makers, active in social organizations, groups, or enterprises

contributing towards the kind of world they long for through nonviolence and compassion

wanting to share NVC with others and looking for the support to do so


contributing and offering Compassionate Communication workshops and are pursuing certification

finished with the on-paper requirements for certification, and are looking for support in pulling it all together and integrating the knowledge with your way of being and showing up in the world.


Concrete Outcomes

Exposure to a diversity of ways of holding, living and expressing NVC

An opportunity for exploring your own unique strengths and expressions of teaching NVC

Creativity and fun! Along with the depth work that happens with NVC, we offer lightness and laughter along the way.

What is KILN?

KILN is an experiential program that offers structure, accompaniment and a deep dive into living, integrating and sharing NVC. It offers a unique combination of experiences (eg. retreat, online calls, and projects) within a supportive community of fellow learners. It is guided by experienced Certified Trainers, KILN members from previous years and Assessor Angela Walkley.


KILN brings forth the unique offering of each individual while providing rigour in ensuring the integrity of NVC is upheld.


KILN supports each individual’s integration and unique expression of NVC, to explore NVC-based approaches to creating social change, and to assist candidates to complete the CNVC requirements for Certification. 

I asked Mitch and Angela to create this program because of the number of very able individuals with an interest in certification. I wanted to support them on their journey. I specifically asked Angela and Mitch because I hold them as highly skilled and experienced educators living and sharing the NVC process with enthusiasm, commitment and full hearts.

- Penny Wassman, 2016

KILN Requirements

Here are the factors we think about when we decide whether our program would

be a mutual fit for an individual candidate.

  focus on bringing NVC into the entire weave of life, not just professionally

  willingness to engage in difficult conversations

  desire to contribute to the group (self awareness/self responsibility)

  sense of fun, creativity and innovation

  strong foundation of NVC (prefer a minimum of 20 days of training)

  commitment to the retreats, projects and the weekly calls

  recommendation by a CNVC Certified Assessor or Trainer

  diversity - of age, gender, background, etc

A supportive community and structure for stepping into leadership 


18 days of training, mentorship and feedback 

Applied Projects throughout the year that dovetail with your certification process

KILN Program Elements

This program includes a variety of different settings and experiences for your learning, some of which may be “edgy” for you. While we absolutely value the workshop/retreat setting, we want to create as many applied, experiential, and real-life opportunities as possible. This is an intentional approach to “raise the heat” for our work together.


Consistent Integrated Learning

Online Bi-weekly calls will be facilitated through webinar software that supports us to meet, dialog, present and break into small groups. You will be able to see and hear everyone. The calls will cover NVC leadership and certification topics, such as key distinctions and will also be used to support the applied projects and lived experiences of integrating NVC consciousness. Participants will also have a chance to lead calls.


Experiential intensives

Two (1st - 6 days; 2nd - 6 days)  in-person training sessions offering a focus on:


  • Personal - Life Integration within a community of practice

  • Sharing and Facilitating with NVC

  • Inspiring Social Change

  • Workshop or community initiative design and innovation



The Second Retreat supports emergent, improvised workshop design. It encourages bringing together the integrity of NVC with the co-creation of new ways of sharing it.


It is an opportunity for Trainer Candidates to present their offerings and jam on ideas, innovations and creative by-products linked to their offerings. And it is an opportunity to receive feedback on offerings and on peoples experience of each other. 


Achieving Personal Coherence: Lived NVC


Participants will take on a relationship or personal growth edge as an area of exploration with their support triad (eg. I'm going to raise issues with my mother; I'm going to really dive into self empathy around this challenging situation at my work; I'm going to take steps to reconcile that conflict in my life; etc…).  



Participants will each organize and offer a workshop, facilitation, coaching session or other NVC offering in their home community. Examples of this could be leading an introductory workshop, providing empathy to key members of an organization making a difficult decision, holding space for dialogue between 2 “sides” of an issue, an Empathy Day at a school, or the creation of a short video presentation.



Throughout the program, participants will work in triads to provide each other with empathy, work on projects and to give each other feedback. These groups will also be used to touch base on the progress and insights coming from writing journal entries based on topics provided (aligned with certification requirements).


“As one of KILN’s past participants, I want to share just how wonderful the experience was for me. Far more than the transference of mechanical skills and abilities, KILN enabled me to truly experience what it means to live NVC from the inside out. The trainers were so gentle and caring in how they invited us to engage with challenging key distinctions and concepts. I feel so grateful for this year of training and was able to meet so many needs as a trainer and trainee, alike. Today, I continue to have rich connections with the the trainers and participants from my cohort.” 



KILN Program 2020


  • Gathering #1: Fall

  • Gathering #2: Winter

  • Gathering #3 Late Spring


  • Personal Project: Fall

  • NVC Sharing Project: Winter



  • Weekly Group Calls - online - ongoing

  • Support Triads - online - ongoing

  • Mentorship and feedback - two calls per participant

Also included in KILN are:

  • Registration with the CNVC;

  • Access to Certification Templates and other resources;

  • Program Binder;

  • Online Community Platform;







Organizers - Trainers


Angela Walkley (MA in Leadership, CNVC Certified Trainer and Assessor)

Angela facilitated key decisions, conflict situations, collaboration and dialog among First Nations, non profit, government communities and social change makers for over 20 years. Angela has led training in leadership, participatory/integrative land management, and of course Nonviolent Communication. She is passionate about creating positive change in this world through our own self awareness and shifts in the ways we relate to one another (and ourselves). She is particularly enchanted with sharing how increasing our consciousness of our breath and body responses can transform our experience of life.


Angela sees NVC as a path towards consciousness. It is an approach that leads to greater inner freedom, connection with others and positive contribution in the world. She also sees it as a powerful tool for mediation, facilitation, leadership and collaboration. She believes that embracing the consciousness sharpens the tool allowing it to transform both the hearts and minds of people.


Angela also offers organizational development and facilitation support through her company Cambio Consulting (


Mitch Miyagawa (MFA, CNVC Certified Trainer)


Mitch’s “magic” as a facilitator is his blend of insight, humour, empathy, and humility. He brings creativity and depth to groups and individuals, and believes passionately in the promise of more interdependent relationships and cultures. Mitch has extensive experience facilitating for individuals and organizations across Western Canada, as well as online.


Mitch brings his NVC into active use as a creative events programmer and Festival producer. He is also a diversity educator, an award-winning writer and documentary filmmaker. He received the 2013 Writers Guild of Canada’s Screenwriting Award for his documentary A Sorry State, about tragic choices made by the Canadian government with people of Japanese, Chinese and First Nation decent. 

Mitch and Angela live on Gabriola Island, BC, with their sons Tomio and Sam, and various other creatures.