Angela Walkley


There is a gentler, kinder and more powerful way to be in this world,

on our planet and in relationship with each other.


My programs offer you tools, practice and community experiences

supporting more vital, honest, authentic, open-hearted and kind ways

to respond to our everyday moments.


They also offer alternatives to our states of loneliness, disconnection

and loops of self blame and judgement.


A powerful approach and way of being that support indivdiuals, movements and organizations working towards personal, social and environmental change.

Nonviolent Communication

We need compassionate, conscious leaders to guide these shifts to a more life-affirming culture. I want to support others to develop this kind of leadership and model it myself. 


My offerings step away from the 'workshop' container. We come together to integrate learning into our lives, share lived experiences and build long term relationships. 

Community Building

I am a master facilitator. Facilitation skills allow us to powerfully guide groups facing conflict and pivotal choices towards deepened understanding and connection


Fully inhabiting the landscape of our body invites a life of vitality and presence. This gives us choice in how to respond in moments of challenge. 

Embodied Awareness

The richest adventures in life occur within us when we learn to walk the inner paths, look into dark corners, recover artifacts from storm ravaged landscapes and bask in the warmth of our open hearts. 

Self-Inquiry and



Long Term Programs




WHEEL is a nine-month immersion in empathy practice and empathic community. 



KILN is for people eager to step into the leadership role as an NVC trainer. It provides structure and community for those pursuing certification in Nonviolent Communication. 


NVC Residency

We offer 3-4 month residencies to young people who are engaged in the work of being human, and creating a more human culture in their communities. 

Gabriola NVC Summer Camp

A unique opportunity for all ages to come together in a space of learning, play and community.


A chance to be in nature while exploring conscious ways of being in the world. 

A family-friendly space with age specific offerings and times for all ages to be together. 



June 2019

NVC Journey in Brazil

4 Day Retreat in São Paulo

Workshops hosted by Insituto CNV Brazil. These workshops will deepen the learning of NVC Practitioners in Brazil. 

July 25-28

Gabriola NVC Summer Camp

An all ages NVC experience on the beautiful shores of Gabriola. 

Sept 2019-June 2020


A nine month immersion in empathy practice and empathic community. A beautiful opportunity to fully immerse yourself in NVC learning.

"Consider all the pain and pleasure  you have ever experienced, as waves on a very deep ocean which you are.

From the depths, witness those waves.

Marvel that once, you identified with only the surface of this ocean.

Now embrace waves, depths, undersea mountains.


Out to the farthest shore."


- VBT Sutra 112


"Angela’s programs are life-changing and I'd recommend them to anyone."



CNVC Certification Process

For some of us, the leader within us is grabbed by NVC’s transformative power. It asks us to immerse ourselves completely, plays with the trajectory of our lives and molds us into agents of change. For those of you who are experiencing this, I’m here to support you.


The International Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) certification process supports the integrity and consistency of how NVC is shared in the world.


Together with Assessor Penny Wassman and other CNVC Assessors, I support people in North, South and Central America as they navigate their certification journeys. I work with groups of Trainer Candidates through KILN and other processes co-created for the realities of the local environment.


I love supporting people to bring forth the gifts they have to share with the world. We all have something unique that this world is calling out for. It is a lifelong passion of mine to support the discovery, development and unveiling of the leader within us.


Certification is a 3-5 year process. Unlike most training programs it’s not just about checking off the boxes. It is about the integrity of the consciousness. Each individual’s pace and readiness will be different. It is a deep dive and a significant life changing experience.


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